Athletic Boost


Get the most out of your training sessions with this endurance and recovery infusion. Improve circulation and stamina, may maximize muscle growth and supports muscle recovery.
  • – Multiple Amino Acids
  • – B-Complex, B6, B12
  • – Calcium gluconate
  • – Magnesium
  • – Vitamin C
  • – Normal Saline 0.9%
Muscle soreness/stiffness, pre-post event, poor wound healing or slow injury recovery
Ask Sasha for it
NAD+, CoQ10, vitamit D and oxygen therapy

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This treatment will leave you feeling refreshed with a natural energy beaming from within. This infusion quickly replenishes important nutrients to boost your body’s energy production. The perfect pick me up if you’re feeling sluggish and slow.


Feel purified through the amazing detoxifying power of Glutathione, Selenium and Vitamin C. Eliminate the exposure of harmful pollutants, chemicals and heavy metals. Restore your body back into balance.


Rev up your endurance and prepare your body for the ultimate performance before any physically demanding or depleting activity. This drip is also useful for busy professionals with grueling schedules.


The ultimate recovery drip as well as a quick energy boost. Target nausea, dizziness, muscle pain, irritability, light and sound sensitivity and fatigue. This vital blend of nutrients will get you back on track.


This infusion has a high dose of magnesium, which is an essential mineral that our bodies need to function properly, specifically for normal neuromuscular function.
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